Make use of file management, endless storage time, folders and password protection. Register for swoopshare free.

What is swoopshare?

With swoopshare you store your files on the Internet.

swoopshare is the easy and comfortable solution for saving files on the Internet. All you need is a click: Select the file from your fixed disk - finished. Now your file is available on the Internet via a fixed link. To anyone and from anyone you pass on the link to. Easy, isn't it?

You can use swoopshare in many ways. Send a larger document to a friend, for example: Send it by e-mail? Too inconvenient and time-consuming. No, just go to swoopshare, click on the file, enter your friend's address, that's all there is to it. Enabled by the swoopshare e-mail function.

Or use swoopshare as a mobile data medium: no matter where you are, all you need is Internet access and you have full access to the documents you have stored with swoopshare. The swoopshare file and folder management helps you here.

swoopshare as a backup solution: The best home backup software is no good at all if data media get lost or your home goes up in flames. Be on the safe side: With swoopshare you can store important data outside your physical environment and are therefore protected against external influences.

You can use all basic swoopshare functions directly upon entering the site - without having to log in. We do, however, recommend free registration. As a registered user you have extended options:

  • The file management system "My Files" indicates your stored documents.
  • You can create folders to organise your existing data files.
  • You can create passwords to restrict access.

Premium storage space
The standard storage time for files is limited to 30 days, then they are automatically deleted. With Premium storage space we offer you unlimited storage time for your files. You receive personally reserved storage space on high-performance storage servers in our computer centre in Germany and can store the files as long as you wish. >At the same time you enjoy the advantages of our technical equipment: your files are reliably protected against failures and data loss.

Choose swoopshare and store your files professionally on the Internet.


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